Who Misunderstands Evolution?

I was recently made aware of an excellent Internet resource that I had not come across before – Creation/Evolution Headlines, the website of David Coppedge. David Coppedge is a former employee at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His website is an excellent resource for keeping up with current issues regarding, as its title says, creation and evolution.

I would like to direct you to one article in particular which I found to be particularly helpful: Who Misunderstands Evolution? In this article, Coppedge examines an evolutionist’s explanation as to why large numbers of people continue to not accept evolution as a reasonable explanation for the origin of the world as we know it – and finds that explanation more than just a little wanting.

In previous articles here, we’ve explained some logical fallacies employed by theistic evolutionists in their argumentation. In the article linked above, Coppedge’s explanation of the logical fallacies involved in the evolutionist’s argumentation is thorough and insightful. He has also produced a timely resource for an era in which logic is often poorly understood and under-utilized: the  “Baloney Detector” (Coppedge has a tendency to call a spade a spade). Here he lists the various kinds of logical fallacies and poor argumentation that are often employed in the context of many different arguments, as well as how they can be tackled.